About Skilloverse

Skilloverse is an online service for businesses and digital service providers to find one another. We have a focus on freelancers but digital service providers could be freelancers, agencies, consultants, contractors and similar.

We have two missions for Skilloverse to satisfy both the digital service providers and the businesses that are looking to hire them:

  • Digital service providers find fulfiling work with their ideal clients.
  • Business find the right provider the first time they look.

We bring together the right people so they can go on and do amazing things.

How it works

We use a unique matching process to sort all freelancers by their relevance to both a project and the business behind the project. A business looking for a freelancer will see a list of freelancers sorted with the most relevant at the top, considering multiple aspects about the project and business simultaneously. A huge time saver and improves the quality of the matches over searching by keywords and filters. This is great for freelancers too – their profile much more likely to get in front of clients who are applicable to them on a range of criteria like budget, skills, industry and experience among many others.


Being fair is the core value behind the Skilloverse service. This means fair payment of freelancers and it also means that freelancers are fair to clients by being upfront about what they can achieve given a project’s requirements and constraints.

Skilloverse is not the place to find the cheapest freelancers – it’s the place to find the best freelancers. And the best clients for that matter. This only happens when we all treat one another fairly.

It also means that we are fair to the community that supports us. The most obvious way we do this: if you are not satisfied with the matches you find through Skilloverse, you can get your money back.

Skilloverse grows with service providers

Current platforms can be good for providers – especially freelancers – getting their first projects and connecting with clients for the first time. However, freelancers are often advised to leave these platforms as soon as possible if they want to make decent money. This is because of the emphasis on price through bidding as well as expensive commissions. While price is a component on Skilloverse, here we’re much more focused on get the match right the first time overall. The first freelancer, the first client you find should have you saying ‘I’m so happy we met!’.

Skilloverse grows with businesses

Because Skilloverse is all about finding the right match for a business’s unique characteristics, whether you are a small business or a large business, we can cut through the fluff and find the service providers most relevant to your specific needs. Since the commission-less model of Skilloverse is attractive to freelancers of all stages: from the price sensitive who are just starting out through to expert freelancers and agencies who don’t want to see large percentages deducted from their invoice, chances are we will be able to put you in touch with a provider that suits your needs.

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