Our team & story

We are a team of six connected by our interest in the web. One aspect of the web we find particularly fascinating is the new world of work it has opened up. For many jobs, it’s virtually possible to work from anywhere at anytime. Some of us have enjoyed these freedoms working independently ourselves.

However, one does not need to look far to find criticisms of the current platforms for finding freelance work nor for the struggles of businesses who connected with the wrong freelancer or vice versa. We want a better way: for a business and a freelancer to find one another not based on a filter, or a keyword, or a price, but multifactor criteria. Skilloverse is the tool for finding clients that we wished we had when we started freelancing. It’s also a tool for our clients for those times when we weren't the best fit for a project. With experience in software development, design, marketing, and finance between us, we undertook the challenge to improve the situation for freelancers and their clients on the idea that a holistic matching process would produce better results for both sides.

In 2017, we created a company, Modimido UG, to progress the way that digital work is offered and found and began building Skilloverse as a side project. We aim to help people all over the world establish fulfilling and productive professional relationships.

William Clear is the managing director of Modimido UG. Please feel free to get in touch: william.clear@modimido.tech.