Why Use Skilloverse?

In short, a unique matching process is used to deliver high quality matches not available on any other site:

  • Freelancers: find your ideal clients with minimal effort
  • Businesses: find the right freelancer the first time

There are no commissions making it cheaper to use Skilloverse in many cases, you just pay for the matching service when you need it. Unlike other platforms, we do not lock you in to using our service for communication or collaboration – this allows you to use the tools most effective for you. Plus, we allow you to work with pseudonymous profiles – helping you find jobs/freelancers without advertising it to the world. Skilloverse was built in the EU as the GDPR came into effect, we take the protection of your data and privacy very seriously. Skilloverse is not built for the cheap freelancers, rather for high quality freelancers as we believe it is much cheaper overall to get the right freelancer the first time than go through several freelancers who may appear cheap but are not right for the job.

Why use Skilloverse as a freelancer?

Are you a full-time freelancer? Are you working on SEO, WordPress, creating new websites, graphic design for the web, or writing content for blogs and online magazines?

With Skilloverse, you can find your ideal clients with minimal effort. When you start using Skilloverse, you set up a comprehensive profile which includes: what industries you work in, what skills you have, the size of the budgets you work with, among other things. From that point forward, your profile is doing the hard work for you in a process called client filtering. The aspects of every project and business profile is matched against the information in your profile; your profile is prominently displayed for projects which seem highly relevant to you. This way, you can define your ideal jobs and clients, and be found by those clients that most closely match your criteria.

Why use Skilloverse as a business?

Are you a small-to-medium sized business looking to make the most of external digital providers? Does your business need help working with web-related software? Do you want to improve how your business is using the Internet, for example, with new software, designs, or text content?

Skilloverse is set up with the goal to help you find the right freelancer the first time. Once you have a profile and project set up, every freelancer on Skilloverse is sorted based on your specific requirements and you see a list with the most relevant right at the top. This is a much more comprehensive approach than using individual filters and keywords, and sorting through irrelevant candidates who take potshots for your projects on other sites. The goal is that you find just the right freelancer for your specific requirements in less time.

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